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Cold Room/Pack Houses

Cold room panels are a special form of wall panels. They are usually more insulated than normal insulated panels and have a better quality of joints. This makes them ideal for the construction of refrigerated cold rooms and walk-in fridges. Cold room panels often also come in a food-safe coating.

Quality Assurance

At Lange & Grant Construction Limited, our cold rooms are best created to fit any housing, estate development, or mass housing project, here is our cold room quality assurance checklist below.

  • Superstructure Lifespan of 50 years.
  • Standardized Details.
  • No welding or adjustments.
  • Assemble on site
  • Transportable
  • Connectable to Large spaces
Cold Room Storage

Advanced Technology


Expert Engineers


Delivery on Time

Cold room panels are manufactured to meet the special requirements of our customers. These panels are made using high insulation foam for their good thermal properties. We use high-quality insulation Polyurethane foam for our sandwich panels for good insulation properties to minimize the amount of energy required for cooling.

What we can Do

The insulation values of our panels are built on three pillars: our high-quality dry joint, our excellent insulation values, and our innovative design. We offer high insulation panels with thicknesses of up to 150mm.

Cold Rooms have a unique usage for different sectors and industries, that’s why at Lange & Grant Construction Limited we define our cold rooms by using specially insulated panels, providing that quality that is known the world over.

At Lange & Grant Commodities Limited we always try to separate our products from the rest of our competitors basically because to us our product/service is a representation of what we stand for and who we are.

Types of Cold Room

Solar Powered Cold Room
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Solar-powered cold rooms are an affordable storage solution for any agriculture goods, such as fish, vegetables, beverages, and dairy products. The compact design allows for low shipping costs; 6 kits can be shipped in a 40ft container. The equipment is easy to handle. All parts can be assembled by hand, and no crane or heavy truck is required. Available from 10m3 to 20m3

Refrigerated Cooling Truck
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The panel used for the truck body was constructed Laneandgrant sandwich panel. The thermal insulation layer is 50-80mm. thick, which offers a very good thermal insulation performance suitable for Perishable Goods Transportation.

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