Service Overview

Cold Rooms have a unique usage for different sectors and industries, that’s why at Lange & Grant Construction Limited we define our cold rooms by using specially insulated panels, providing that quality that is known world over.

At Lange & Grant Construction Limited we always try to separate our products from the rest of our competitors basically because to us our product/service is a representation of what we stand for and who we are.

Quality Assurance

At Lange & Grant Construction Limited, our cold rooms are best created to fit any housing, estate development or mass housing project, here is our cold room quality assurance checklist below.

  • Superstructure Lifespan of 50years
  • Standardized Details
  • No welding or adjustments
  • Assemble on site
  • Transportable
  • Connectable to Large spaces


How efficient are the cold rooms?

Well we take our construction very serious, they are highly efficient.

What is the timeline for running this type of project?

Depending on the urgency of the required amount/quantity of cold rooms needed, this determines the timeline.

What is the total budget for construction?

A total budget for construction is determined by the number of cold room units.

How is this project initiated?

By calling us or filling the quotation form to give us a brief on your project.

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