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Project Details

  • Ceiling project for GFH church using thermo board
  • Project Date: Sun, June 20, 2021
  • Location: Lagos, Nigeria
  • Categories: Religious Building

Insulating the underside of the roof is the most effective approach to boost thermal resistance and keep any unwanted temperature out.

Project Details

Kingsway Tower is 15 stories high. It has a basement, a two-level retail podium, a parking podium, and 12 office floor levels.

The unique identity of the structure is primarily due to the folded, perforated metal screens on the tower’s outside façade.

The screens on the exterior façade are placed in multiple levels, providing a porous, permeable façade with depth and sculptural aspect that creates “interesting shadows internally as the layers shift against each other,” as Truen puts it.

lange and grant
lange and grant project site

Project Description

Our professionals work hard to provide clients with a high-quality assortment of roof insulation products that make the interior ambiance of the building comfortable.

Many measures and ways are being explored and invented by experienced professionals to give heat insulation to your building.

The fire retardant PU insulated core provides thermal insulation that also acts as a barrier to condensation as well as assisting to reduce rain noise.

LangeandGrant®️ insulated panels incorporate a metal roof and ceiling finish, with core thermal insulation, making it ideal for patio enclosures and carports. LangeandGrant®️ insulated panels double metal skins contributes to its high span to weight ratio, making it also ideal for any domestic, commercial, and industrial applications.

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