Insulation To Choose: PIR, PUR Foams or Rockwool?

Which Type of Insulation To Choose: PIR, PUR Foams, or Rockwool?

If you’re deciding which sort of insulation to employ for your building, you should read this page first. To begin, I’ll explain the distinctions between PIR, PUR foams, and Rockwool insulation. Secondly, I will tell you when to use a different type of insulation that can have an insulated metal panel. Finally, you’ll learn about the Rockwool insulated metal panel’s insulating power.
When purchasing our insulated metal panels, customers usually question me about the differences between PIR, PUR foams, and Rockwool insulation. The distinction is, in fact, quite straightforward. However, deciding which sort of thermal insulation is ideal for a project is not easy.


PUR and PIR have similar insulating properties and are both very efficient insulating materials. The difference is in how they react to the flames. PUR has low fire resistance, but PIR has great fire resistance.


The thermal insulating power of Rockwool is lower. To put it another way, more Rockwool is required to achieve the same level of insulation as PUR and PIR foams. What exactly does that imply? It means that an 80mm Rockwool sandwich panel can replace 50mm of PUR or PIR insulation. So, what’s the point of utilizing Rockwool? Rockwool insulation has the best fire resistance and can withstand up to 4 hours of the fire.
Answer the following questions before deciding between PIR, PUR foams, and Rockwool insulated metal panels: Do I require improved fire behavior? Then PIR or Rockwool sandwich panels are the way to go. Does my insurance company have any specific standards for fire performance? What is the cost implication?


Construction codes and legislation are becoming more stringent. We must concentrate on fire prevention when discussing the fire behavior of insulated metal panels. You now know that for your project, PIR and Rockwool sandwich panels are the better options.


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