Leak Proof

One of the most important functions your roof has is to seal out moisture. The smallest amount of leakage can lead to water damage, rotting wood, and household mold to name a few.⠀ While insulation is the feature of sprayable polyurethane foam that most people know about, the material is also a powerful moisture barrier. […]

Disinfectant tunnel with Sandwich panel

  Introducing our disinfectant tunnel with insulated sandwich panel⁣ ⁣ The sanitizing tunnels have been designed to meet hygiene and safety requirements, which are now urgent following the spread of Covid-19.⁣ ⁣ The disinfectant tunnel is made of insulated sandwich panels, which guarantee acoustic and thermal insulation, as well as high resistance over time. Suitable […]

Affordable Cold Chain Solutions to improve the food and medicine distribution system in Africa

With the rapid changes around the globe today, the only way to survive and ultimately excel in any industry is by the level of knowledge at your disposal in that industry. Take advantage of this resourceful training from an array of experts and global players in the Cold Chain sector. As OTACCWA present her 1st […]

Insulated Roof Panel

Extending the long term performance of your roof requires the correct roofing system. Contact Lange and Grant Today for Leak Proof insulated roofs. Email: info@langeandgrant.net OR call our lines; 08155556000, 08090926440, 08168376402 https://www.instagram.com/p/CD04W5nn1Fd/  

Nigeria needs to urgently address structural imbalances in economy to avoid being left behind – Okoya

Tunde Okoya is the managing director of Lange and Grant, a company that provides cooling insulated panels for processing and storage facilities. He is also Vice President of OTACCWA, an organisation that advances cold chain in W/Africa and advances reduction of $8.5billion post-harvest loses in Nigeria. Tunde’s desire is to play big in the construction of […]