A New Dawn In The Nigerian Construction Industry

A New Dawn In The Nigerian Construction Industry

While a lot of construction companies in Nigeria still adopt the traditional method of building, Westerners have discovered the benefits of using modular structures for building construction. Adopting these same modular structures would be a start of a new dawn for the Nigerian construction industry.
Why use a modular construction technique when building? This is the first question you should ask yourself. Why should you adopt the modern building technique? The world is evolving, and technology is taking over and reducing labour and make work faster. Modular construction is one of the fastest-growing forms of building in the market today.It is well recognized for its efficiency and ability to apply modern technology to the needs of the marketplace. This makes it better and more efficient than the old building technique using bricks, or blocks. The modular structure is the next big step in real estate.
Modular systems housing has grown at almost a 25% rate over the last five years. Consider the many advantages modular can offer you. In this part of the world, real estate developers should begin to adopt this method of using JV for modular buildings. There is a need to start building wisely and smarter, not harder.
The modular system can provide solutions to construction problems and can be widely used in real estate construction for many building purposes such as:

  1. Aviation and Transport such as bus terminals and airports

  2. Heathrow Airport Midfield, United Kingdom using modular structure for construction.

  3. Commercial Building

  4. KJG Business Centre, Bratislava, Slovakia a commercial building constructed with modular structure.

  5. Industrial Building

  6. Business Building and ULO Cold-storage Plant Rudnap Agrar, Irig, Serbia.

  7. Car Showroom

  8. BMW Car Show Room, London United Kingdom.

  9. Leisure building

  10. Galeria Kosice Shopping Centre, Košice, Slovakia.

  11. Education, culture, and public building

  12. Library Tetovo, Tetovo Macedonia.

  13. Warehouse and logistics center

  14. Habjan transport IOC Trata, Logistic Centre, Škofja Loka, Slovenia.

  15. Power plants

  16. Power Plant Fortum, Częstochowa, Poland.

  17. Others include churches, event centers e.t.c

Some of the major advantages of adopting the modular construction technique is:

  • Its quickness to construct: If you consider the time needed to construct a new building adopting the traditional method of using bricks and blocks, this might take a whole lot of time because you need to begin with the foundation of the building, laying of blocks, cement plastering and so on. The modular building would save you all these stresses because it adopts computerization which enables a mass customization approach and design any modular to meet the needs of a project. Modular building projects can be completed 30-50% quicker than traditional construction methods
  • Saves Money: modular construction technique saves developers money because modules are being assembled in a factory, site work is occurring at the same time. This contributes to a shorter construction period and in return reduce financing and supervision cost.
  • Aesthetic designs: Thanks to technology birthing innovative and practical design, it uses the best quality sustainable building materials making it extremely attractive.
  • Fire retardant, Great sound features and Energy Efficient: The modular building structures are impermeable to air which ensures their energy efficiency. The JV materials used for internal walls to improve sound insulation and fireproofing.
  • Easy building permit (temporary structures): Modular designs are extremely flexible and. It doesn’t really matter if you need extra space for your office, studio or malls, JV for modular buildings can meet your requirements with the perfect flexible extra space.
  • Great acoustic feature: controlling noise level from the source is not always possible but quality sound insulation of the building envelope can offer a valuable solution. For example, outside noise from traffic or aircraft can be significantly blocked out by proper installation of rockwool panel in the roof or building façade.
  • Light weight: the construction of prefabrication and light weight building system was possible mainly with the help of basic skeleton structure made of steel and rockwool sandwich panel having no load bearing walls and other components of the building made up of light weight panels

In a few years to come, think of how you can build your projects smarter and not harder. Let us join hands in the building of the 21st century by adopting the new modular building technique. Think of a Modular building solutions, think of Lange and Grants.

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